pet pads

Pet Interest's training pads are made out of five layers. The upper outer layer is made of a high strength material, so as not torn by the dog's claws while it has the ability to trap the moisture within the 2nd and 3rd layer. The inner layers are made of cellulose and high quality polymers* that can hold up to three times their volume (unlike the cotton that can absorb only as much as its weight) and in the meantime they divert the moisture across the whole surface of the pad. Finally, the lower layer is plastic coated to ensure impenetrability. More impenetrability=cleaner paws=healthy, clean home!
*The cellulose and polymers are completely harmless and are even used in agriculture to maintain moisture in areas with water issues.
Available in 2 sizes and 2 packages: 
2001: 60cm*60cm, 3750ml absorbability each,10 pieces
2003: 60cm*60cm, 3750ml absorbability each,42 pieces
2002: 60cm *90cm, 5250ml absorbability each,10 pieces
2004: 60cm *90cm, 5250ml absorbability each,42 pieces

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