Vegan Pet Food with Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Vegan Pet Food with Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Food suitable for all ages. A nutritious, digestible and safe vegetarian diet or a delicious and nutritious food supplement. Always follow the standards set by global organizations regarding the health of pets.
Cooked with fresh natural products, without soy, corn, grains, preservatives, artificial flavor enhancers and colors.
It contains 60.75% vegetables (17.10% carrots, 14.50% pumpkin, 11.50% zucchini, 10% parsnip, 4.10% spinach, 2.80% fennel), 38.70% fruit (14, 50% apple, 10% cranberry, 7.20% apricots, 7.00% bumblebee), 1% minerals, 0.1% flaxseed, 0.1% FOS, 0.1% MOS.
Without preservatives.
No flavor enhancers.
No grains and soy.
Low carbohydrates.
Metabolisable energy: 24.3Kcal / 100gr
To help your pet adjust to the vegetarian / vegan diet, start by mixing the vegetarian / vegan foods with the ones he eats normally and gradually increase the vegetarian / vegan amounts.
After adopting his new diet, watch him closely to see if his new diet suits him, especially if he is very young.

Ingredients Typical Analysis
Protein 3.80%
Fat 1.30%
Ash 0.30%
Fibre 1.10%
Moisture 91.00%


Dog Weight Daily Dose
1-5kg 125-420gr
5-10kg 420-850gr
10-20kg 850-1400gr
20-30kg 1400-1950gr
30-40kg 1950-2560gr

Available in two packages:

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